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Picture of Awards given out at Field of Fire's "Open Fire!" Event

Best Armies at the Open Fire! Tournament

Last Saturday Dernicus and I spent the day with a great group of guys at Event Horizon Games! We (and I mean mostly Dernicus) ran one of our more competitive focused tournaments with the mission pack found here. It was a fun and mostly smooth running tournament. Now are you ready to see the best armies at the Open Fire! Tournament?

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Open Fire! Tournament Packet

Mission Pack for the Open Fire! Tournament at Event Horizon:


Pre-Game Process

  1. Once at your table, swap lists with your opponent and study what you’re up against.
  2. Place the Relic at the center of the table (if necessary)
  3. Place Objectives per mission rules
  4. Choose/Roll for Warlord Traits
  5. Choose/Roll for Psychic Powers
  6. Determine Deployment: Both players roll off, rerolling any ties. The winner rolls a single die to determine the deployment type (p.216-217). Once the map is determined, the loser of the roll off chooses his/her deployment zone.
  7. Alternate Deployment as per BRB, starting with the player who did not choose their deployment zone.
  8. After both players have finished deploying their army, roll to determine first turn. The player who finished deploying first receives a +1 to this roll. The player that wins the roll can choose to go first or second. The player who is chosen to go second may attempt to seize the initiative.
  9. Shake hands and start playing.

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Best Armies at The Invasion of Khybros Tournament

We’ve got new results from our second 8th Edition tournament last week at Event Horizon Games! This tournament was a more “narrative” event that allowed us to experiment with some of the new rules and mechanics introduced in 8th Edition. TWe’re still working out the kinks for 8th Edition but overall I think it was a pretty fun tournament. If you want to see the meta at other events check out our article on the best armies at ATC and BAO. Now here’s the best armies at The Invasion of Kybros Tournament!

Faction Battle Points Player Count
Daemons 50 2
Chaos Marines 49 1
Eldar 37 1
Harlequin 37 2
Tau 37 1
Orks 28 1
Tyranids 28 2
Guard 26 2
AdMech 23 3
Necrons 19 1
Deathwatch 6.5 2

The Invasion of Khybros Tournament consisted of three rounds with a total of 20 points possible in each round. That means a perfect score would have been 60 Battle Points. While no one scored max points, the best player did score 59 out of 60!

Starting at the top of the board, the Daemons are still right up there at number one. While I know there have been some nerfs to Brimstones I still haven’t seen the answer to them yet. The close cousins of the Daemons, Chaos Space Marines, also did quite well. The release of their codex along with support from Forgeworld will really continue to help them in my opinion. Having a psychic power that turns off invulnerable saves never hurt anyone either. The old favorites of Eldar, Harlequins, and Tau are also on the higher end of the list.

On the lower end of the spectrum we’ve seen some of the same factions. Deathwatch, while really cool in concept, seem to have struggled overall this edition. Necrons and AdMech have also consistently been in the lower tiers at tournaments so far. It’s possible we’ll see a change when their codexes come out. All it takes is one really good rule set or formation like WarCon to change a whole army. Dernicus is our local AdMech player and will be trying out an Assassin and Castellan force this weekend at Horton’s “Battle of The Empire 2” at Atomic Empire. We’ll let you know if he can push AdMech to a higher tier.

In the middle bracket we’re looking at Orks, Tyranids, and Guard. Personally I expect the Imperial Guard will get a bump as players start to experiment with some of their new Forgeworld toys. Orks and Tyranids though are in a bit of a strange place this edition. While they are definitely playable in a competitive setting now, they haven’t been able to push into the top tiers yet. I’ve said it before but I expected Orks and Tyranids to horde up and be very difficult to deal with this edition but I haven’t seen that play out yet. I really enjoy seeing both armies on the table and although I’ve said it before, I do hope they get a bump when their codexes drop.

Don’t forget our next tournament is September 16th at Event Horizon and we will be using a more competitive format. As an added bonus both me and Dernicus will be there for this one, hope to see you there!


The Invasion of Khybros Prime

The Invasion of Khybros Prime


Factions of gathered as the Galaxy is once more set aflame. A previously unremarked world, called Khybros Prime by the Imperium of Mankind, stands at the crux of this new age of war. A small Adeptus Mechanicus research station has uncovered something powerful, and old. Forces rush towards one another, to lay claim to this mysterious artifact, or destroy it. Who shall prevail?


This is a Battle Point tournament: Combining each round (up to 20pts per round) + Combined Paint Scores (up to 20 pts). Each round will be 2 hours and 50minutes.

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First 8th Edition Tournament Breakdown

Tournament Breakdown:

8th Edition Missions:

With the advent of 8th edition of Warhammer 40k comes a new take on the classic “book” missions we use to play the game. GW kept the essence of both the Eternal War and Maelstrom set of missions, but tweaked them in some places. To that effect, we’re going to examine how those changes, along with the changes in 8th edition as a whole affect gameplay at the tournament level.

Disclaimer: the data in this article is drawn from the Inaugural 8th Edition 40k Tournament, hosted by Field of Fire Gaming at Event Horizon Games on 6/17/17. The spread of armies was wide (only missing Dark Eldar, Daemons, Dark Angels, and Sisters of Battle), but being the day of release, this is by no means a comprehensive examination of the game as a whole.

Context: We had 20 attendees, with the following factions present: 3 AdMech, 3 Space Wolves, 3 Necrons, 2 Imperial Guard, 1 Space Marines, 1 Blood Angels, 1 Grey Knights, 1 Tyranids, 1 Knights/Space Marines, 1 Harlequins, 1 Eldar, 1 Orks, and 1 Tau. The armies were all Battleforged, 2000 points maximum, and capped at 3 Factions.

SO, with all that said, let’s take a look the missions, and what armies stood firm each round. We’ll also postulate some ideas as to what those armies that didn’t do so well might have been lacking with regards to the mission objectives.

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ATC Prep Tournament Results!

Here are the ATC Prep Tournament Results! Dernicus (Dean) and I tried to run a day one tournament in 8th edition and overall it went pretty well. Congratulations to Joe for winning best overall, although he tied with Richard and it came down to strength of schedule. Tim won most Battle Points and Preston won Best Painted with his Adeptus Mechanicus (Officiated by Dark Bunny Creatives‘s Val).

We’ve broken down the numbers by army (faction now?) and here’s how they did:

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Inaugural 8th ed/ATC-Prep Tournament Missions

Are you ready for the Inaugural 8th ed/ATC-Prep Tournament at Event Horizon? Since we can’t publish anything specific about the book missions, we’re just going to give you mission numbers and deployment numbers that go with them “whatever those happen to be on release day”. That way we don’t run afoul of GW’s legal team.

We don’t know exactly how yet but each game will have a total of 15 points possible (including any secondary objectives)!

Round 1: Eternal War Mission 2, Deployment 5

Round 2: Eternal War Mission 1, Deployment 3

Round 3: Eternal War Mission 5, Deployment 1

Painting will be worth 1 full game, so 15 points in addition.

Updates to come as we’re allowed to release more information.

Binaric Showdown – Random Rule: Glitch


At the beginning of the game roll a die. On 3+ this rule goes into effect.

Glitch: Immediately after placing all objective markers, scatter each objective marker that is not the relic. Do this by picking an objective marker and rolling both the scatter die and a D6. Move the objective marker in the direction of the scatter die as many inches as was rolled on the D6. Repeat for each objective that is not the relic.

*Note: Per normal objective placement rules no objectives should be within 6 inches of a board edge. Further no objective marker should be within 12 inches of another objective. If for some reason the Glitch rule would take an objective off the table, move the objective until it reaches the table edge and then stop. In addition, if the glitch rule would cause an objective to come within 6 inches of another objective, simply move the “Glitched” objective until it comes within 6 inches of the other objective and then stop.


Binaric Showdown Mission Pack

Binaric Showdown Mission Pack now available! Note we do have unique First Blood and Slay the Warlord. There are 30pts possible per round.

Mission 1: Divide and Kill

Primary: Kill Points (15pts-Total Points Scored)

-At the beginning of the game each team will choose one of their opponents list to score 2 Kill Points off of instead of the usual 1. You must tell your opponents which list you have chosen, it may be helpful to make a note of this. Normal Kill Point rules otherwise apply.

Secondary: Progressive Objectives (10pts Differential)

-At the beginning of the game place 4 objectives in table “quarters”. The objectives should be 12” inches in from the long edge and 18” in from the short edge. A team scores 1 point for an objective marker they control at the beginning of their turn, starting turn two.

Tertiary*: First Blood, Slay the Warlord, Linebreaker

Mission 2: In the Trenches

Primary: Progressive Emperor’s Will (15pts-Total Points Scored)

-Each Player places an objective anywhere on the table except in their opponent’s deployment zone. This should result in a total of 4 objective markers. A team scores 2 points for an objective marker they control at the beginning of their turn, starting turn two. A team also scores 1 point for an objective marker they are contesting at the beginning of their turn, starting turn two. This does not include the relic.

Secondary: Relic (10pts Differential)

-A single objective marker is placed at the center of the table (or as close to the center as terrain will allow). This objective counts as and follows the standard rules for a relic. At the end of the game, a team will score 5 points for possessing the relic and score 10 points for controlling the relic.

Tertiary*: First Blood, Slay the Warlord, Linebreaker

Mission 3: One Fights, One Holds

Primary: End of Game Objectives (15pts-Total Points Scored)

-Players place 6 objectives at the beginning of the game. These may be placed anywhere on the board following the standard rules for objective placement. After placing objectives each team selects one of their lists to gain the “Objective Secured” rule. All scoring units in the list gain “Objective Secured”, units already possessing this rule do not gain any additional benefits. Any units in the team’s other list LOSES “Objective Secured” if they have it, but may still count as scoring units otherwise. A team controlling an objective at the end of the game scores 3 points while a team contesting an objective scores 1 point.

Secondary: Kill Points (10pts Differential)

-At the beginning of the game each team will choose one of their lists to score 2 Kill Points off of their opponents. The other list will not score Kill Points although it may still score “First Blood”. You must tell your opponents which list you have chosen, it may be helpful to make a note of this. Normal Kill Point rules otherwise apply.

Tertiary*: First Blood, Slay the Warlord, Linebreaker

*First Blood: 2pts if you score on a game turn before your opponent. 1pt if you score on the same game turn as your opponent.

*Slay the Warlord: Gain 1 pt if you have slain the enemies warlord at the end of the game. This can be gained twice if you have killed the warlord in each of your opponents list by the end of the game.

Binaric Showdown Tournament-Warhammer 40k April 29th!

We’re going to be running Field of Fire Gaming’s first tournament in two weeks! We’re starting off with something fun before we get deep into the serious tournament season. The plan is to make it fun and work out any kinks before we start running highly competitive events. Come on out and join us! Here are the details:

Event Horizon Games in Garner (Raleigh), NC is hosting a Warhammer 40k Tournament on 29th April, 2017.
Format: 2v2 Team Tournament, 3 rounds.
Entry: $20 ($10/person)
Registration: 9am
Start 10am

Army/Team Composition:
-Battle Forged Armies only.
Each player brings a 1000pt army.
-Limit of a TOTAL 4 Detachments PER TEAM (ex. each player might bring 2 detachments, or one player might bring 3, but then the other can only bring 1).
-Limit 0-1 Lords of War model PER TEAM
-ITC restrictions on Super Heavy and Gargantuan Lords of War ( Bottom of document)
-No Horus Heresy 30k Armies/Army lists.
-0-1 of the same unit restriction for Forge World units, with NO “Experimental” Rules being legal for play at this event. Experimental rules can be reviewed on a case by case basis, please ask.

-We will be using the ITC FAQ for rules clarifications (where GW FAQ does not address).

-Team-mates are considered Allies of Convienence.

-You will work as a team with your partner to achieve mission objectives jointly. You will win or lose the game as a team.

This will be 3x 2hr 50min rounds, with prizes for Highest Battlepoints, Round Champions, and Best Painted (individual award), and Best Overall Team (combined Battle Points + combined Paint Scores).

Tournament Packet (for Missions) will be released shortly.

BONUS: Each PLAYER that submits their list by April 26 (Wednsday prior), will gain +1 Victory Point towards their Overall Score. (This means a Team gains +2 VP to their combined Overall Score if both players submit their lists prior). These can be sent to, and please send them in BattleScribe, PDF, or Word format, and please include your name with the file.

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