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A picture of Lord Commander Eidolon painted by Dark Bunny Creatives

Best Armies at ATC – 2017

This year the American Team Championship was the first big 8th edition tournament. With 8th coming out only a month before the event Shane and the other tournament organizers did a great job making ATC a big success. Now do you want to know what the best armies at ATC -2017 were? Here’s the breakdown of scores by faction below!

Faction Average Overall Score Average Score Per Game Players
Harlequin 74.2 12.4 5
Daemons 71.5 11.9 24
Asuryani 65.7 11.0 28
Grey Knights 63.7 10.6 11
Space Marines 62.8 10.5 36
Sisters of Battle 61.0 10.2 1
Astra Militarum 59.6 9.9 30
Drukhari 58.5 9.8 8
Genestealer Cults 58.0 9.7 6
Blood Angels 55.4 9.2 14
Imperial Knights 53.8 9.0 19
Tau Empire 53.6 8.9 15
Dark Angels 52.8 8.8 8
Necrons 48.1 8.0 14
Orks 47.9 8.0 14
Chaos Marines 47.1 7.9 17
Tyranids 46.0 7.7 13
Space Wolves 42.7 7.1 7
Adeptus Mechanicus 42.1 7.0 9
Deathwatch 29.0 4.8 2
Talons 18.5 3.1 4
Grand Total 56.6 9.4 285

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First 8th Edition Tournament Breakdown

Tournament Breakdown:

8th Edition Missions:

With the advent of 8th edition of Warhammer 40k comes a new take on the classic “book” missions we use to play the game. GW kept the essence of both the Eternal War and Maelstrom set of missions, but tweaked them in some places. To that effect, we’re going to examine how those changes, along with the changes in 8th edition as a whole affect gameplay at the tournament level.

Disclaimer: the data in this article is drawn from the Inaugural 8th Edition 40k Tournament, hosted by Field of Fire Gaming at Event Horizon Games on 6/17/17. The spread of armies was wide (only missing Dark Eldar, Daemons, Dark Angels, and Sisters of Battle), but being the day of release, this is by no means a comprehensive examination of the game as a whole.

Context: We had 20 attendees, with the following factions present: 3 AdMech, 3 Space Wolves, 3 Necrons, 2 Imperial Guard, 1 Space Marines, 1 Blood Angels, 1 Grey Knights, 1 Tyranids, 1 Knights/Space Marines, 1 Harlequins, 1 Eldar, 1 Orks, and 1 Tau. The armies were all Battleforged, 2000 points maximum, and capped at 3 Factions.

SO, with all that said, let’s take a look the missions, and what armies stood firm each round. We’ll also postulate some ideas as to what those armies that didn’t do so well might have been lacking with regards to the mission objectives.

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ATC Prep Tournament Results!

Here are the ATC Prep Tournament Results! Dernicus (Dean) and I tried to run a day one tournament in 8th edition and overall it went pretty well. Congratulations to Joe for winning best overall, although he tied with Richard and it came down to strength of schedule. Tim won most Battle Points and Preston won Best Painted with his Adeptus Mechanicus (Officiated by Dark Bunny Creatives‘s Val).

We’ve broken down the numbers by army (faction now?) and here’s how they did:

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Nova Open Best Region, Club, and Sportsmanship

Last week we took a stab at parsing through some of the data from the NOVA Open tournament to find the Best Armies. Facing the Grey Tide did a more in depth analysis with some great insights in their NOVA Recap Part 2. So now that you have some information on the best armies of the tournament I wanted to dive into some of the Nova Open’s more interesting details. I’ll be looking at the best region, best club, and finally, my favorite, the average sportsmanship score by army.

Best Region:

Region Average Points Players from Region
Illinois 124.6666667 3
Pennsylvania 118 6
New Jersey 110 11
Virginia 109.6875 32
Delaware 102 4
Massachusetts 102 5
Maryland 101.8333333 6
Connecticut 85.6 5
North Carolina 81 4
New Hampshire 61 3

I pulled out all the regions that had less than three players and this is what we get. Illinois and Pennsylvania are rocking out at the top with a decent showing of players from each region doing quite well. I have a suspicion those players are veterans of tournaments in Chicago and Philadelphia which are both hot beds of competitive 40k. Another data point that stands out is the 32 players from Virginia. Obviously NOVA is in DC and so should draw quite a few players from the Mid-Atlantic area but none of the other local regions had quite as strong a showing. I’ll have to be keeping a look out for more local tournaments in Virginia if the community is that strong.

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Nova Open Best Armies – 2016

The Nova Open Results are in! Remember that Nova splits players into brackets so there are two values to consider, position and score. Position (out of 145) is determined by a player’s performance in their bracket while score is the raw score of the player regardless of bracket. You can also find the most played armies at Nova. I’ve gathered all the data and here are the Nova Open best armies by position:

Army Average Position
Imperial Knights 52.83333333
Chaos Daemons 57.13333333
Chaos Space Marines 57.14285714
Tyranids 62.66666667
Adeptus Mechanicus 63.375
Dark Angels 64
Khorne Daemonkin 66.5
Eldar 66.53333333
Space Marines 76.19047619
Tau Empire 84.72727273
Imperial Guard 85.16666667
Skitarii 88
Orks 89
Necrons 89.88888889
Space Wolves 99.4
Assassins 100
Dark Eldar 116
Sisters of Battle 117
Blood Angels 117.5


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Nova Open Most Played Armies

The Warhammer 40,000 Nova Open tournament was last weekend and now we’ve got some results! Here are the most played armies this year:

Army Count
Eldar 30
Space Marines 21
Chaos Daemons 15
Tau Empire 11
Necrons 9
Adeptus Mechanicus 8
Chaos Space Marines 7
Dark Angels 7
Imperial Guard 6
Imperial Knights 6
Khorne Daemonkin 6
Space Wolves 5
Orks 3
Tyranids 3
Blood Angels 2
Sisters of Battle 2
Assassins 1
Dark Eldar 1
Skitarii 1

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Road to Nova Open – Event Horizon Games

Here are the results of the Road to Nova Open tournament held at Event Horizon Games! Richard and crew have posted the results here but I’m going to do a little bit more analysis. I know there were some new players and I hope they got to have some fun while experiencing a taste of tournament play.

Here are the best armies from this tournament:

Army Average ITC Points
Renegades 113.88
Daemons 95.08
Tau 86.72
Daemonkin 84.63
Space Marines 72.615
Harlequins 67.91
Imperial Knights 62.69
Grey Knights 60.6
Skitarii 59.03
Eldar 31.34
Astra Militarum 31.34
Chaos Space Marines 31.34

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The Best Armies at ATC 2016

Results are in and we have the scores! These are the best armies at ATC 2016.

Before we dive right in, let me give you some context. Each pairing matched up the five players from both teams resulting in five games. Each game had a possible 20 to contribute to the team between each player (100 total per match up). Essentially any “average points per game” over 10 should be an average winning record. Anything less than a 10 should be an average losing record. Remember that averages are highly influenced by individual players if there are only a few people playing that faction!

Codex/Faction Average Points per Game Number of Players
Grey Knights 11.75 2
Chaos Marines 10.98333333 10
Space Marines 10.70833333 28
Adeptus Mechanicus 10.68627451 17
Necrons 10.48717949 13
Tau 10.30952381 28
Tyranids 10.28571429 7
Eldar 10.16666667 32
Blood Angels 10.04166667 4
Dark Angels 9.655555556 15
Imperial Knights 9.038461538 13
Chaos Daemons 8.635416667 32
Orks 8.25 4
Space Wolves 7.892156863 17
Adepta Soroitas 7.5 1
Astra Militarum 7.216666667 10
Dark Eldar 2.75 2

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ATC: Most Played Armies


Final lists have been submitted and here’s what will be the most played armies at ATC 2016:

Eldar 32
Chaos Daemons 32
Space Marines 28
Tau 28
Adeptus Mechanicus 17
Space Wolves 17
Dark Angels 15
Necrons 13
Imperial Knights 13
Chaos Marines 10
Astra Militarum 10
Tyranids 7
Blood Angels 4
Orks 4
Grey Knights 2
Dark Eldar 2
Adepta Soroitas 1

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