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Mathhammer Unit Focus: Stormravens

Last week we posted our Warhammer Unit Focus: Stormravens but now it’s time to pick apart the actual math on these things in our Mathhamer Unit Focus: Stormravens! This week’s math is going to be a little more difficult than the Kastellans because of all the options a Stormraven can take but we’ll look at the best way to kit them out. Their rules can be found in Index: Imperium 1 on Amazon.

Quick Rules Review

-Stormravens are fliers but they have Power of the Machine Spirit to not take the -1 penalty when firing heavy weapons after moving.

-We’re going to assume two different loadouts:

  1. Chaff Killer: Twin Assault Cannons, Twin Heavy Bolters, and two Hurricane Bolters (won’t count the Stormstrike Missiles here)
  2. Elite Killer: Twin Lascannons, Twin Multi-Melta, Stormstrike Missiles

-They hit on 3’s

-Stormravens have a lot of movement so we’re going to assume they are in range for Rapid-Fire and Melta

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Warhammer Unit Focus: Stormravens

After returning from ATC we thought it might be interesting to take a look at the most spammed unit there. Today we’re writing our Warhammer Unit Focus: Stormravens! You might have thought they were just transports but it seems ATC players thought they were the perfect spam even if the GW FAQ hit them pretty hard. You can find their rules in Index: Imperium 1. Let’s get to it.

Courtesy of Joe “PaPa” Behrend

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Mathhammer Unit Focus: Kastelans

Yesterday Dernicus wrote about one of his new favorite units in 8th edition, Kastelan Robots. Today I’m going to walk through the crazy math on these things in our first Mathhammer Unit Focus: Kastelans. Their rules are in Index: Imperium 2.

Quick Rules Review

-Kastelans hit on 4’s. If they move they hit on 5’s.

-We’re assuming they are equipped with triple heavy phosphor guns.

-Their guns are S6, apply a -2 to saves, and are 1 damage.

-They can change protocols to shoot twice.

-Bellasaurius Cawl can let them reroll failed to hit rolls if they are within his aura.

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Adeptus Mechanicus Robots

Warhammer Unit Focus: Kastelans

Welcome to our first Warhammer Unit Focus: Kastelans! As we find more and more impressive units in 8th edition we’ll take some time and do a quick write up. We’ll be posting a second article soon all about the math behind this great unit. For now here’s Dernicus:

Beep-boop. Let’s talk about the giant robots who hurl walls of phosphorus flares into their enemies without a flicker of emotion. Kastelan Robots from the Adeptus Mechanicus of course. Relics of the days after AI was outlawed in the Imperium of Mankind (basically a little Skynet situation that the Mechanicus would rather not talk about), these guys were awesome to field in 7th edition, if a bit pricey. Come 8th edition and these robots have stomped through the walls like a series of Koolaid-men with high powered flare guns for hands. You can find more of these suckers here. Ohh yeah!

Robots from the internet

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