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Open Fire! Tournament Information:

You can find more information and the tournament packet here. Check below to see the painting rubric and some more information about our awesome Champion’s Bolter prize below:

The Invasion of Khybros Prime

You can find more information and the tournament packet here. Some basics on the painting rubric and our awesome Champion’s Bolter prize below:

Basic Paint Score Rubric:

These will be part of the ‘Best Overall’ award. Your paint score will be added to your battle point score to create the total score. The paint score will be scored by reviewing the level of painting across an entire player’s army. Note that we are not putting any ‘hard’ rules here about painting quality – slapping 3 colors on different parts of models won’t count as ‘basic standard’. A reasonable effort to put colors on the appropriate parts of a model will count. ‘Good tabletop standard’ includes basic shading (washes or dry-brushing done to a reasonable standard would count for this). A model counts as ‘Based’ if the base is painted or sculpted appropriately to represent the ground the model is standing on. Transparent flyer bases automatically count as based.

Best Painted award is granted based on review of armies submitted for the Painting competition. Dark Bunny Creatives representatives along with the TOs will determine the “Best Painted” army on multiple levels of technique and execution.


Champion’s Bolter

All across the Universe, champions have their achievements immortalized in monuments, tales, and even in the very words of their names. At Field of Fire Gaming tournaments, our Champions should expect nothing less. To be crowned “Champion” is to be held as 1st among peers, a mark to be displayed… and challenged by rivals and allies in equal measure.

Every Warhammer 40k event will include the naming of such a Champion, with a combination of martial prowess on the table as well as their skills in the hobby itself by bringing fully painted forces to battle (and thus enriching the games for all in attendance). Once crowned, they shall be presented with a Bolt Pistol, emblazoned with the event’s name, along with their own, to proudly display in future events.

Not only can they laude their achievement, but it comes with an additional bonus, should they feel up to the challenge included.

-If a Champion present’s their Bolter in a future event, they may receive a $5 discount on entry. BUT in doing so, they may be Challenged by their opponents each round.

-For each Victory a Champion has, they will receive a Mark to their bolter. After 10 Victory marks, a Bolter may be presented and a special Laurel of Marksmanship received.

-For each Defeat, their opponent will receive a mark of Victory, having overcome the prowess of a tournament Champion.

Let every Champion proudly display their victory, and let every Challenge to those marks of victory ring true the valor of those who wield them!

8th Edition ATC Prep Tournament

Are you ready for the Inaugural 8th ed/ATC-Prep Tournament at Event Horizon? Since we can’t publish anything specific about the book missions, we’re just going to give you mission numbers and deployment numbers that go with them “whatever those happen to be on release day”. That way we don’t run afoul of GW’s legal team.

7th Edition Tournaments

Binaric Showdown Mission Pack now available! Note we do have unique First Blood and Slay the Warlord. There are 30pts possible per round.

We use ITC’s FAQ unless a GW draft specifically addresses a rules concern. We also use ITC’s restrictions for Super-Heavies.