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After Action Report: To WarzoneATL and Back Again


Once more unto the breach, it’s Dernicus with another After Action Report! This past Veteran’s Day weekend I ventured to the concrete jungles of Atlanta, GA to battle it out at WarzoneATL2017. I had the fortune of attending their inaugural GT back in 2015, and this year was just as exciting! Below is my experience, but feel free to check out our Faction Breakdown and Best Armies of WarzoneATL articles for a wider view of event as well.

WarzoneATL, What are we playing again?

First off, the basics of the event are as follows: The event consisted of 5 rounds, played over 2 days. Armies were composed of a maximum of 3 detachments, must have been Battleforged, with no restrictions on Forgeworld or any units currently released. With 2000 points to spend, armies consisted of all manner of savagery. Players brought armies that were at least 3 colors minimum, though many went well beyond as we’ll see.

My list this year consisted of a firebase of <Mars> Adeptus Mechanicus led by Belisarius Cawl, complimented by Cadian Mortar teams, Valhallan Conscripts, and Tempestus Command Squads. I oversaturated my side with high damage tanks, screened by “fearless” guard and supported by waves of Mortar shells. While the army was not overly mobile, it could focus large threats and “chaff” units alike.

Over 100 players made the journey. Many of them were returning attendees that received early access to ticket sales. They came from as far afield as Toronto Canada, Las Vegas, and Michigan. My own travels took a fair more than the projected 6 hours to drive thanks to more than a few accidents and construction spots along I-85. Despite the trials, many combatants arrived Friday either to attend the many events (teams tournament, Apocalypse game, etc), or to just mingle with players over drinks. Jon Caspian, of Jon Caspian Media, was on hand as the event’s official photographer, offering his services. To anyone (like myself) looking to immortalize their armies in super high resolution, or even a short video he was the man to see. Check out this amazing video of Thomas Byrd’s Stormbird done by Jon at WarzoneATL.

Day 1, The Masses Descend on WarzoneATL

Waking bright and early, we arrived ready to do battle! The first pairings brought more than a few cheers, both of triumph and lament as old rivalries flared. My name showed next to Clint Hoffman at table 26. Clint brought along a nasty Alaitoc Eldar list bristling with auto-hitting weapons such as Shadow Spectres, Fire Prisms, Hemlocks, and Dark Reapers. The mission included Power Level % along with end of game objectives. Uniquely, objectives were worth more the deeper into your opponent’s side of the table. Clint went first as my army has so many drops and couldn’t outroll his +1.

When he did so, and with the limited LoS blocking terrain at my disposal, Clint wreaked havoc on my forces. Immediately the Leman Russ was destroyed, it’s explosion caused Mortal wounds abound to further salt the wound. Furthermore his Ranger’s sniped out my Valhallan Company Commander with Petrov’s 45, leaving the conscripts as no longer pseudo-fearless. Even with the majority of my forces alive, I was unable to recover from the opening salvo. We ended on turn 4 as a combination of shadowy Eldar surrounded and brought Cawl down for the final blow.

Final score, 2-33 (yay for splitting First Blood). This certainly wasn’t how I’d hoped to start the event, but I could work with this. Early losses can serve to lessen stress in later games as one has already taken the hit instead of waiting for the other foot to drop. Furthermore, at WarzoneATL 2017 the illustrious Twitch(Mike Twitchell) introduced a sort of scavenger hunt: The Warzone Atlanta Experience. A series of challenges to encourage players to get the fullest out of their visit. It included sharing drinks with each opponent, completing bounties, winning games, and even losing them. More on that later.

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Binaric Showdown Mission Pack

Binaric Showdown Mission Pack now available! Note we do have unique First Blood and Slay the Warlord. There are 30pts possible per round.

Mission 1: Divide and Kill

Primary: Kill Points (15pts-Total Points Scored)

-At the beginning of the game each team will choose one of their opponents list to score 2 Kill Points off of instead of the usual 1. You must tell your opponents which list you have chosen, it may be helpful to make a note of this. Normal Kill Point rules otherwise apply.

Secondary: Progressive Objectives (10pts Differential)

-At the beginning of the game place 4 objectives in table “quarters”. The objectives should be 12” inches in from the long edge and 18” in from the short edge. A team scores 1 point for an objective marker they control at the beginning of their turn, starting turn two.

Tertiary*: First Blood, Slay the Warlord, Linebreaker

Mission 2: In the Trenches

Primary: Progressive Emperor’s Will (15pts-Total Points Scored)

-Each Player places an objective anywhere on the table except in their opponent’s deployment zone. This should result in a total of 4 objective markers. A team scores 2 points for an objective marker they control at the beginning of their turn, starting turn two. A team also scores 1 point for an objective marker they are contesting at the beginning of their turn, starting turn two. This does not include the relic.

Secondary: Relic (10pts Differential)

-A single objective marker is placed at the center of the table (or as close to the center as terrain will allow). This objective counts as and follows the standard rules for a relic. At the end of the game, a team will score 5 points for possessing the relic and score 10 points for controlling the relic.

Tertiary*: First Blood, Slay the Warlord, Linebreaker

Mission 3: One Fights, One Holds

Primary: End of Game Objectives (15pts-Total Points Scored)

-Players place 6 objectives at the beginning of the game. These may be placed anywhere on the board following the standard rules for objective placement. After placing objectives each team selects one of their lists to gain the “Objective Secured” rule. All scoring units in the list gain “Objective Secured”, units already possessing this rule do not gain any additional benefits. Any units in the team’s other list LOSES “Objective Secured” if they have it, but may still count as scoring units otherwise. A team controlling an objective at the end of the game scores 3 points while a team contesting an objective scores 1 point.

Secondary: Kill Points (10pts Differential)

-At the beginning of the game each team will choose one of their lists to score 2 Kill Points off of their opponents. The other list will not score Kill Points although it may still score “First Blood”. You must tell your opponents which list you have chosen, it may be helpful to make a note of this. Normal Kill Point rules otherwise apply.

Tertiary*: First Blood, Slay the Warlord, Linebreaker

*First Blood: 2pts if you score on a game turn before your opponent. 1pt if you score on the same game turn as your opponent.

*Slay the Warlord: Gain 1 pt if you have slain the enemies warlord at the end of the game. This can be gained twice if you have killed the warlord in each of your opponents list by the end of the game.

Binaric Showdown Tournament-Warhammer 40k April 29th!

We’re going to be running Field of Fire Gaming’s first tournament in two weeks! We’re starting off with something fun before we get deep into the serious tournament season. The plan is to make it fun and work out any kinks before we start running highly competitive events. Come on out and join us! Here are the details:

Event Horizon Games in Garner (Raleigh), NC is hosting a Warhammer 40k Tournament on 29th April, 2017.
Format: 2v2 Team Tournament, 3 rounds.
Entry: $20 ($10/person)
Registration: 9am
Start 10am

Army/Team Composition:
-Battle Forged Armies only.
Each player brings a 1000pt army.
-Limit of a TOTAL 4 Detachments PER TEAM (ex. each player might bring 2 detachments, or one player might bring 3, but then the other can only bring 1).
-Limit 0-1 Lords of War model PER TEAM
-ITC restrictions on Super Heavy and Gargantuan Lords of War (https://docs.google.com/document/d/16nmBS2KZglu9JaGttpX_9lOYhYO2PQM47N8HvrsAA60/edit#heading=h.jw38ue1j8p8g Bottom of document)
-No Horus Heresy 30k Armies/Army lists.
-0-1 of the same unit restriction for Forge World units, with NO “Experimental” Rules being legal for play at this event. Experimental rules can be reviewed on a case by case basis, please ask.

-We will be using the ITC FAQ for rules clarifications (where GW FAQ does not address).

-Team-mates are considered Allies of Convienence.

-You will work as a team with your partner to achieve mission objectives jointly. You will win or lose the game as a team.

This will be 3x 2hr 50min rounds, with prizes for Highest Battlepoints, Round Champions, and Best Painted (individual award), and Best Overall Team (combined Battle Points + combined Paint Scores).

Tournament Packet (for Missions) will be released shortly.

BONUS: Each PLAYER that submits their list by April 26 (Wednsday prior), will gain +1 Victory Point towards their Overall Score. (This means a Team gains +2 VP to their combined Overall Score if both players submit their lists prior). These can be sent to djpricha@ncsu.edu, and please send them in BattleScribe, PDF, or Word format, and please include your name with the file.

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