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Change is comming

Tournament Recap: Crusade of Vendetta Games


Here we are again with another Tournament Recap. This go around we ventured far afield to Dalhonega, GA and the humble trappings of Vendetta Games. One difference in this event was the goal was not simply to do well, but a literal Golden Ticket. That ticket was to the sold-out Warzone Atlanta. As such, we chose to bring the toughest list we could find.

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Kastelan Robots, Advance!

Warhammer Unit Focus: Kastelan Revisited

Welcome supplicants of the Omnissiah to our Unit Review: Kastelan Robots, Part Deux, the Codex revival. Our first review looked at how the Kastelans had changed going into 8th edition, now we’re back to see how the Codex: Adeptus Mechanicus have affected these big beautiful monsters. Beep-boop as it were and on we go!

First off, the Codex saw no change in points for the Kastelan Robots, which is a boon as they were on the high-end of units available to the priests of Mars. Likewise their stats and weapons remain unchanged, another leg-up for them as a unit. The only actual change to them was a clarification on their Repulsion Grid. In it, the reflected shot is now expressly on the actual die roll of a 6. This is after re-rolls but before modifiers. While it was nice to see mortal wounds bouncing off on a 5 or 6, it really was too good. What really changed is the inclusion of Forgeworld Dogmas and Stratagems.

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