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Final lists are in! Here we go:

Dean is our resident War Convocation player, with a twist. To counter Skyhammer and other alpha strikes or first turn assaults Dean is bringing Coteaz in a unit of grav-destroyers. He also has a void shield to protect his knight or any other squishy elements of his army until he can get ShroudPsalm up for two turns. He will be our take all comers list probably being the first list laid down in each pairing to soak up some heat.

Jack will be playing the Daemon Prince Tetrad with Tzeentch Chariots. The Tetrad can fly until end of game ripping apart the enemy and striking targets of opportunity. The chariots should force the enemy to deal with them or risk their flamers or lascannon equivalent shots at 18″. This list should deny kill points, be able to grab objectives at the end of the game, and either kill enemy units or challenge them throughout the game for beginning of turn objectives. Also the whip of Slaanesh brings knights down fast with Iron Arm.

Will is going to play a Blackmane’s formation with Murderfang in a dreadnought drop pod and the Living Storm Rune Priest formation. The Blackmane’s get fearless and a 6+ Feel No Pain on the turn they arrive to help out a bit. Murderfang can kill a lot if he can survive a turn a get an assault off which his Lucious drop pod should help with. Finally the Living Storm formation can absolutely kill an Imperial Knight or Wraith Knight in a turn if it gets lucky. Will’s list can hold objectives throughout the game while pinning his opponent. If it dies to bolters, Will can kill it.

Frankie is the unkillable horde of power armor to complement Will. A Gladius strike force with grav equipped bike squads and assualt cannons on all the razorbacks. Hopefully he has enough ObSec to pull a lot of objective even if he gives up kill points. It’ll be hard to kill his whole army, the bikes can quickly grab objectives, all those assault cannons can chip away at knights or possibly throw up a wall of flak to deal with flyers.

Jordan (me) has the thankless task of playing Eldar. I’ve got scatter laser jetbikes paired with outflanking hornets, a sword and board Wraith Knight, and the crowning jewel is a Lynx laying down three twin-linked D shots at 24″ range. The firepower on this list is pretty high so I’m here to counter five Knight lists or simply table an opponent before they score points. Also, as an added bonus, the Lynx is technically a flyer so it has skyfire on those D shots.

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