Neoreich Troopers: Product Review

Today we’re going to be reviewing the stunning Neoreich Troopers from Maxmini. I’ve always loved troopers in greatcoats and gas masks so these guys certainly deliver on that for a pretty fair cost. After some quick comments we’ll walk you through the models from unboxing to finished product. Once we got our hands on these in person, we didn’t think we could do them justice so we let our friends at Dark Bunny Creatives paint the squad up for us. Alright let’s get to it!


The Neoreich Troopers are perfect stand ins for any dark, futuristic, military regime models. We’ll be using them as proxies for Death Korp of Krieg or other Imperial Guardsmen here but there’s no reason they couldn’t be used in any tabletop game like Infinity or even Shadowrun. Maxmini really captured the feel of blending World War I Germans with a more Sci-Fi aesthetic so the Neoreich Troopers can fill in a lot of different roles. We just like the greatcoats, stahlhelms, and gas masks!

Getting the Models:

Maxmini doesn’t joke around when it comes to shipping. I’ve ordered other models from retailers in Europe and it’s taken ages to get my models or they’ve come a little banged up. It only took a little over a week to reach the East Coast of the US all the way from Poland. You won’t be able to track your package once it enters the US but by the time I thought to call my post office, they already had it.


When I saw the size of the box I thought I had the wrong thing. It looked just too small and I like getting big boxes of toys. When I opened it though we had gotten everything we asked for. You might notice some extra head swaps in that package, we’ll be touching on those in the coming weeks.

The Models:

So right off the bat, you can see that most of the model is metal. The heads however, are definitely a pretty good quality resin. They also came with slotted bases which we completely forgot to take pictures of. The bases were standard 25mm. Because the heads are separate, you could use the bodies for any trench type infantry you want and add a different head swap if you’re not into the gas mask look.

Each model in the squad is unique and, with a little modelling magic, can be paired with any of the arm sets provided. Unlike some other sets, the Neoreich Troopers torso and legs are one piece. This means they are less likely to break but does limit their poses. I’d definitely recommend dry fitting different arm sets with different torsos to get the most out of the whole squad.


I’ve rarely worked with metal models but using standard super glue and a little green stuff these guys went together great. The arms attach to the torso “flat edge to flat edge” so we used a little green stuff to fill that seem on a few models. It really helped get the arms the way we wanted them. The heads fit snugly into the base of the neck without any obvious issues. On one or two of the models we slightly trimmed the collars in order to have the model looking more down than up. Once Dark Bunny Creatives were done painting the troopers, you can’t tell the difference and it added variety to the squad. Overall the models were assembled pretty quick and easily with little modification.


The Neoreich Troopers give you a lot of options for how you want to paint them. Maxmini’s pictures show them painted with black leather coats and red visors for a really dark feel. We thought the folded back parts of the greatcoats were a great opportunity to add a little color to the model. The visors and gas masks also are great places to add a personal touch and really the troopers faces pop. The guns and helmets are probably best left black or metallic but have enough detail to keep painting them interesting. Given the right paint scheme, they could stand in as Valhallans, Steel Legion, or any Russian or German inspired infantry.



I like the Neoreich Troopers a lot. At about $33.50 a squad, they’re definitely on par with other model company’s prices. They go together pretty well with only a little green stuff or filler. I did notice that the squad doesn’t have the option to make a sergeant. That’s both good and bad in that you will need to custom make a sergeant if they are going to proxy as an infantry squad in 40k . It’s good though because you don’t waste a man if you want conscripts. Overall I still love the greatcoats and detail on the models, especially for the price. Now that the Imperial Guard codex is out, I’m sure we’ll be seeing more uses for these guys.

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