Best Armies of the Las Vegas Open 2020!

It’s that time of year again where we show you the best armies of the Las Vegas Open! What an awesome event and congratulations to Richard Siegler and all the top guys on a great showing! LVO is a monster event so we’ve had our servitors crunching numbers all weekend to give you the breakdowns. We’ve heard some great analysis already across the community so we’re going to keep it short and just give the data to play with and our highlights below. If you want to see how the game has evolved since the Marine meta check out our Best Armies of NOVA 2019 as well!

Best Factions:

FactionAvg BattlepointsAvg WinsAvg PlacePlayers
Khorne 17641101
Slaanesh 162.674193.333
Forces of the Hive Mind 152.443.5263.569
Aeldari 148.533.23301.4945
Adeptus Astartes 146.263.41287.39201
Ynnari 14424911
Asuryani 142.562.92357.9432
Tzeentch 1403365.52
Deathwatch 139.753.383084
Chaos 139.492.69386.663
Drukhari 139.332.63402.6715
Eldar Corsairs 13933681
Overall Average1352.8326750
Knights Renegades 134.292.64414.3614
Adeptus Mechanicus 132.422.54413.8526
T'au Empire 131.362.47428.8833
Necrons 130.572.93363.2421
Chaos Space Marines 129.912.64406.9433
Imperium 128.332.55430.1561
Blood Angels 127.882.28444.3816
Death Guard 127.232.23476.6913
Orks 125.622.6427.1834
Hive Fleet Kraken 125.51.5575.52
Space Wolves 124.882.13467.888
Dark Angels 123.42.5458.65
Harlequins 1232.334473
Imperial Agents 12307291
Astra Militarum 122.942.72410.1718
Thousand Sons 122.832.42458.676
Adepta Sororitas 122.752.55434.7520
Nurgle 120.252.54444
Tyranids 117.42.73421.2715
Imperial Knights 1122533.0911
Adeptus Custodes 111.152522.3813
Grey Knights 1112520.449
Inquisition 10825771
Genestealer Cult 102.752493.254
Chaos Daemons 85.516152

Best Sub-factions:

Sub-FactionAvg BattlepointsAvg WinsPlayers
Minotaurs 18051
Khorne 17641
Red Scorpions 171.754.54
Raptors 1684.336
Slaanesh 162.6743
Kabal of the Flayed Skull 15931
Black Templars 15841
Alpha Legion 157.532
Imperial Fists 153.713.3324
Forces of the Hive Mind 152.443.59
Black Legion 15131
Raven Guard 150.443.516
Aeldari 149.433.2542
Iron Hands 146.383.5463
Adeptus Astartes 144.983.4557
Ynnari 14421
Adeptus Mechanicus 143.522.8121
Asuryani 142.562.9232
Iron Warriors 14241
Tallarn 14231
Tzeentch 14032
Deathwatch 139.753.384
Chaos 139.492.6963
Eldar Corsairs 13931
White Scars 138.672.676
Drukhari 1382.5813
Cult of the Cursed Blade 13731
Alaitoc 13633
Overall Average135.162.84750
T'au Empire 134.822.5522
Knights Renegades 134.292.6414
Necrons 133.52.9218
Ultramarines 128.612.6418
Chaos Space Marines 128.582.5826
Imperium 128.332.5561
Blood Angels 127.882.2816
Death Guard 127.232.2313
Salamanders 127.22.85
Orks 126.132.5631
Deathskulls 12531
Space Wolves 124.882.138
T'au Sept 124.452.3211
Adepta Sororitas 123.892.5519
Hive Fleet Kraken 123.6723
Dark Angels 123.42.55
Evil Sunz 12331
Harlequins 1232.333
Imperial Agents 12301
Thousand Sons 122.832.426
Astra Militarum 1222.6616
Nurgle 120.252.54
Cadian Shock Troops 1193.51
Emperor's Children 1182.52
Tyranids 117.212.7114
Freebooterz 11331
Sautekh 11333
Imperial Knights 112211
Adeptus Custodes 111.15213
Grey Knights 11129
Inquisition 10821
Genestealer Cult 102.7524
Adeptus Ministorum 1012.51
World Eaters 10021
Cult Mechanicus 85.81.45
Chaos Daemons 85.512


Top 13:

1st – Richard Siegler – Adeptus Astartes
2nd Brad Chester – Adeptus Astartes – Raven Guard
3rd Sean Nayden – Aeldari
4th John Lennon – Adeptus Astartes
5th Boris Michev – Adeptus Astartes – Red Scorpions
6th Justin Lois – Imperium
7th Steven Pampreen – Adeptus Astartes – Raptors
8th Jeff Poole – Orks
9th Matt Schuchman – Asuryani
10th Richard martin – Adeptus Astartes – Iron Hands
11th Alex Petford – Adeptus Astartes
12th Tj Lanigan – Chaos
13th Alexander Fennell – Adeptus Astartes – Raptors

Top Factions:

Shout out to Red Powell for crushing it as Khorne and skewing all our numbers right off the bat! We see a couple armies that did well with very few players like Khorne, Slaanesh, and Forces of the Hive Mind messing with our averages. The real winners though are clearly Eldar and Marines. You know them, you love them. While the Astartes are the new upstarts are on the scene the Eldar have been with us for a while now. It’s worth noting only Eldar, Marines, and Chaos sub-factions broke the overall average in terms of battle points (not counting the Hive Mind outlier).

Instead of battle points we could look at it by most average wins and get Necrons to jump above the average but other than that If you’re playing non-pixie xenos, I feel for you. Maybe there will be some juicy new updates in your Psychic Awakening? Maybe? As a top 15 Guard I’m right there with you. One day saying “I’m a top 10 Tyranid player” won’t be like saying you’re the highest scoring player on your JV high school team. We’ll get through this, it’ll be okay. I hope.

Alright now that I’m done complaining it is worth noting that Aeldari fall behind the Emperor’s chosen sons when you sort by average wins or average placing. That makes me think that Eldar win big when they win but Marines are quite consistent. In a dice game with so much randomness there’s certainly something to be said for consistency.

Top Sub-Factions:

Who played Minotaurs? Now that’s a cool dude. I love it when people play their favorite faction and come up with something interesting to do well with like that! Speaking of Space Marine chapters, look at all those Iron Hands!

  • 63 Iron Hands
  • 24 Imperial Fist
  • 18 Ultramarines
  • 16 Raven Guard
  • 6 White Scars
  • 5 Salamanders
  • 57 mixed Adeptus Astartes
  • Other assorted Chapters

The Iron Hands, Imperial Fists, Raven Guard, and White Scars all beat the average while their blue and green brothers didn’t perform quite as well. We could get lost in the data digging through all the other marine sub-factions but we’ll leave that to you so we don’t burn out our logic engines. One data point worth noting is that Alpha Legion and Black Legion both outperformed other Traitor Marines.


The Las Vegas Open is always an awesome event with a great staff! Things have changed drastically since both ATC 2019 and NOVA 2019 with the release of the new Marine meta. You can check out BCP results yourself here. I’m sure you’ve heard enough about marines but it’s worth noting several best in faction players, like the winner Siegler, switched from their faction to the Astartes. That in and of itself says a lot to me. Hopefully with the revision and updates to the Forge World indexes we’ll see some balances and points changes that moderate at least some of those essential *cough* Chaplain Dreads *cough cough* units. It only took layers of point decreases, doctrines, super doctrines, expanded chapter tactics, bolter drill, new units, and new stratagems to make Marines dominant so a change to any one of those could alter their performance. In the mean time I’ve loved seeing everyone adapt and slug through it with what their factions have to offer. Congrats to all of you who fought it out this weekend at LVO 2020!


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