Field of Fire Gaming is a gaming and hobby blog centered in Raleigh, NC. We love all types of games from tabletop strategy, to board games, to video games. Some of my favorites are Warhammer 40,000, Risk Legacy, and Battlefield.

The Schedule is a work in progress and we will be attempting to post every week. If there is a local tournament one of us is able to go to we’ll try to do a short write up.

Jordan Malik has been putting models on the tabletop for 3 years now and plays Astra Militarum, Blood Angels, and Eldar when he feels like cheating. Check out my Horus Heresy 30k game against Quirk from Miniwargaming. And my first 8th Edition game ever caught on camera against Matt.

Dernicus: Gamer, painter, Unforgiven, Dominus; Dean, Dernicus to some. An avid supporter of the 1st Legion, as well as the Priesthood of Mars, I’ve been in a headlong bull rush into this hobby for some 3 years now give or take(since the very beginning of 6 th Ed); early on it was the hobby, but quickly the game itself took hold and hasn’t truly let go. While I wont profess being any sort of upper tier player, I’ve won my share of events and always aspire to better myself and my hobby skills. Looking to share some insight into tournaments I attend, some thoughts on the game at large, and other little bits here and there along the way.

Already dabbling in Internet fame, check out these BatReps that I’ve been a party to already!:

40k, 2000pts, AdMech War Convocation (Vs Dark Angels)

Star Wars Armada (Rebels)

The Long War:

40k, 1500pts, Dark Angels (Vs Necrons)

40k, 1500pts Dark Angels (League Round 1 vs Eldar)

40k, 1500pts, Dark Angels (League Round 2 vs Nids)

40k, 1500pts Dark Angels (League Round 3 vs Astra Militarum)

Glorious Spacenoid is a die hard Ultramarines player who has been in the hobby since he could count. He played Quirk’s Orks at Miniwargaming!

Pictures are courtesy of several local players and used with permission. Of particular mention are Dean’s Adeptus Mechanicus, Frankie’s Ultramarines, Jack’s Daemons / Vostroyans, and Jordan’s Eldar / Blood Angels. Most of the terrain was done by our buddy Jeff who has generously made most of the terrain at our local game store, Event Horizon Games. Many of our  best pictures are from our friends at Dark Bunny Creatives.

We love getting connected and hearing what’s going on in the community. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.