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Best Armies of NOVA 2019!

The dust has settled and there’s another great NOVA behind us! This marked NOVA’s 10th year raising funds for charity and running a great convention. Today we’ll be taking a look at the... READ MORE

Best Armies at ATC 2019!

The dust is settling after another hard fought ATC! The American Team Championship is a massive tournament where teams of 5 players square off. Through a unique pairing system players match up and... READ MORE

Two Hands Past: Potential (4)

posted in: Dernicus, Two Hands Past | 0

Welcome burgeoning cultis… I mean, totally normal two armed (or more) citizens of the Imperium. Dernicus back with yet another installment of Two Hands Past. This go around we’ll be discussing the Cult’s Potential. With the Genestealer Cult FAQ making … Continued