Two Hands Past: The Roadmap (3)

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Welcome back fellow two(or more) armed Imperial Citizens, to yet another installment of Two Hands Past. In this chapter we’ll take a look at where my Cult seeks to spread its insidious, I mean enlightening message of prosperity in service of the (four armed) Emperor. The time is neigh to rise up and throw off our oppressors, to uplift our fellow brothers and sisters in a glorious revolt in the name of our Father.


A Start: the Small Steps

First and foremost, I’m taking full advantage of the network of fellow gamers to get in at least weekly games be it at our local stomping ground (Event Horizon Games in Garner, NC), or at home. Thus far, Ive had a handful of games, and while a rough start, the Cult is showing promise. These games many times consist of fields of proxies and counts-as so I don’t have any good photos to share, but soon enough. We’ve held to using ITC Championship missions with the current alternating deployment for the time being. With the talk of possible Chapter Approved missions and or deployment on the horizon we’ll likely look to mix those in too.

For the moment, my list consists of pure GSC with Brood Brothers sprinkled in. With <Twisted Helix> primarily, a mandatory <Cult of the Four Armed Emperor> detachment, and recently some <Rusted Claw> units for spice, the list brings multiple layers of threats. I have a Mental Onslaught suite, a couple Acolyte bombs, Jackals, and Kelermorphs; all of which provide overlapping threats to keep my opponent off balance. For a while I was trying Aberrants, and I still love them, but am struggling to fit them into lists due to costs.

Along with 1 off games, I’m pressing to attend at least one RTT a month if possible (more if capable). Thus far I have played at the last 2 Beats Lab Gaming events. Now, in January I took an Imperial list, but with the Codex release I’ll be exclusively playing GSC moving forward. In February I managed a 1-1-1 record, defeating a Knight/AdMech list, tying with an Alaitoc Eldar list, and losing (barely) to a 3x Knight/Guard/Assassins list. In every game I learned more about the things my list could do. Needless to say, my excitement is in no way lessened, and will only grow.

Next on the Horizon

As the Cult grows and evolves, I’m looking forward to upcoming events. At present, I may not be able to attend an RTT in March due to scheduling (there are multiple on the same day and I have other possible obligations that day). That said, April will see the Cult hit the table, and possibly fully painted by then! Along with a normal 3-rounder, April brings the first GT potential in 2019 with a Barnyard Brawl Event on the 27th-28th. After that, our friends at Warzone Atlanta are bringing a GT into our backyard at Atomic Empire on May 18th-19th. Then brings the Carolina Crusade, hosted by fellow Cultist Antonio Pierce in Charlotte on June 15th-16th. After THAT, we’ll have plenty practice to do battle in Chattanooga, TN at ATC July 12th-14th. Oh wait, we’re not done yet, next up I’m looking to infiltrate NOVA2019 Aug 29th-Sept 1st!.

Now THAT is a packed schedule if I do say so myself. But with Plans Generations in the Making, I’m resolved to bring the fight to all corners of the hive(s). The ultimate goal is to score as highly overall in each event. Showing that the Cult has both the means to succeed in missions as well as push my Hobby skills. with a whole spread of conversions and painting progress along the way.

How has your Cult fared since the Codex release? Are you finding it effect on its own or only along with Brood Brothers/Hive Fleets? What events do you plan to attend? We’d love to hear it all and share in the #cultuprising


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