Roll Call! Crozius GT -Sponsors and Supporters

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With just 47 days to go(at the time of this posting), we wanted to give our sponsors and supporters a shout-out. Their assistance is turning the Crozius GT into an amazing opportunity for you, the players. We’ll continue to update the roster each week until the event as more sponsors and supporters come in. Please do follow the links below and help us in thanking these awesome venues and individuals for their contributions.


Here’s the list, in no particular order:

Atomic Empire Games, Durham NC

Best Coast Parings(BCP)

Elrik’s Hobbies

Secret Weapon Miniatures

Hangar 18

The Gamer’s Armory, Cary NC

The Big Red Barn/The Barnyard Brawl, Greenville SC

Event Horizon Games

Hit Point Hobbies

Tinker Turf Terrain

Grim Dark Painting

Death Ray Designs

Impudent Mortals

Dean Prichard

Jack L.

Jeff S.

MACE Gaming Convention

Battle Board Studios

Do you have your ticket? What army will you bring? Who will win it all? Check out the links below:

Facebook Event Page

Pre-Registration Link 

Hotel Block Link (good through Oct 24th)

Appearance Rubric 

Don’t do paperwork, play with your dice!