Best Armies of Warzone Atlanta 2018

The dust is settling after another hard fought Warzone Atlanta this past weekend! With over 100 players Warzone Atlanta is one of the best events in the South East if not the whole country. This year is especially interesting because its one of the first major events that falls under the new Big FAQ 2. You can check out some of the trends we saw before the event in our What Will You See at Warzone Atlanta? article and or take a look at the lists yourself here. Now are you ready to know the Best Armies of Warzone Atlanta 2018?

FactionBattle PointsPlayers
Ynnari 104.76
Knights Renegades 971
Tau Empire 95.18
Astra Militarum 92.36
Imperial Knights 90.110
Chaos Daemons 88.52
Renegades & Heretics 871
Thousand Sons 876
Blood Angels 86.52
Necrons 861
Aeldari 85.84
Drukhari 8511
Death Guard 84.86
Harlequins 81.26
Tyranids 80.18
Adepta Sororitas 802
Deathwatch 79.52
Cult Mechanicus 78.84
Grey Knights 76.52
Adeptus Custodes 74.97
Chaos Space Marines 74.47
Dark Angels 704
Adeptus Astartes 67.54
Adeptus Ministorum 611
Space Wolves 514
Genestealer Cult 451
Orks 43.52