Binaric Showdown Tournament-Warhammer 40k April 29th!

We’re going to be running Field of Fire Gaming’s first tournament in two weeks! We’re starting off with something fun before we get deep into the serious tournament season. The plan is to make it fun and work out any kinks before we start running highly competitive events. Come on out and join us! Here are the details:

Event Horizon Games in Garner (Raleigh), NC is hosting a Warhammer 40k Tournament on 29th April, 2017.
Format: 2v2 Team Tournament, 3 rounds.
Entry: $20 ($10/person)
Registration: 9am
Start 10am

Army/Team Composition:
-Battle Forged Armies only.
Each player brings a 1000pt army.
-Limit of a TOTAL 4 Detachments PER TEAM (ex. each player might bring 2 detachments, or one player might bring 3, but then the other can only bring 1).
-Limit 0-1 Lords of War model PER TEAM
-ITC restrictions on Super Heavy and Gargantuan Lords of War ( Bottom of document)
-No Horus Heresy 30k Armies/Army lists.
-0-1 of the same unit restriction for Forge World units, with NO “Experimental” Rules being legal for play at this event. Experimental rules can be reviewed on a case by case basis, please ask.

-We will be using the ITC FAQ for rules clarifications (where GW FAQ does not address).

-Team-mates are considered Allies of Convienence.

-You will work as a team with your partner to achieve mission objectives jointly. You will win or lose the game as a team.

This will be 3x 2hr 50min rounds, with prizes for Highest Battlepoints, Round Champions, and Best Painted (individual award), and Best Overall Team (combined Battle Points + combined Paint Scores).

Tournament Packet (for Missions) will be released shortly.

BONUS: Each PLAYER that submits their list by April 26 (Wednsday prior), will gain +1 Victory Point towards their Overall Score. (This means a Team gains +2 VP to their combined Overall Score if both players submit their lists prior). These can be sent to [email protected], and please send them in BattleScribe, PDF, or Word format, and please include your name with the file.