What Factions Will You See at Warzone Atlanta?

The lists are in! With Warzone Atlanta coming up this weekend, we’ve spent the night combing through the lists you don’t have to. This event is a 2,000 point brawl with a maximum of three detachments and no restrictions on Forgeworld. Not only did we count the number of players for each faction, but we’ll also let you know how many players are using a Primarch or have reached into the Forgeworld indexes to build their armies. Now are you ready to know what factions you’ll see at Warzone Atlanta? Here we go:


Faction Number of Players
CSM 29
Eldar 14
Astra Militarum 11
Space Marines 9
Chaos Daemons 8
Spacewolves 6
AdMech 5
Dark Angels 4
Orks 3
Sisters of Battle 3
Tyrannids 3
Tau 2
Blood Angels 1
Custodes 1
Deathwatch 1
GreyKnights 1
Inquisition 1
Necrons 1
Titanicus 1

That certainly is a lot of Chaos. Almost a third of the players at Warzone will be playing either CSM or Daemons. Get ready for some Warp Time, Smite, and Daemon Primarchs! Eldar and Astra Militarum both have a good player base and are probably more prominent thanks to their recent codex releases. There’s a good splattering of almost every other army represented, and oh yeah, there’s a freaking TITANICUS army! I certainly hope those Guard players brought Shadowswords (they did).


Faction Armies with Forgeworld Number of Players
CSM 21 29
Astra Militarum 6 11
Chaos Daemons 5 8
Eldar 4 14
Space Marines 3 9
Spacewolves 3 6
Orks 2 3
Tyrannids 2 3
AdMech 1 5
Dark Angels 1 4
Sisters of Battle 1 3
Deathwatch 1 1
Inquisition 1 1
Titanicus 1 1
Tau 0 2
Blood Angels 0 1
Custodes 0 1
GreyKnights 0 1
Necrons 0 1

No surprises here, Chaos is making the greatest use of Forgeworld with Super Chickens and Malefic Lords still in vogue. It looks like almost all of the top played armies will have some Forgeworld support this weekend. Astra Militarum and Space Marines have some obvious picks from their respective indexes. Eldar seem to be taking Shadow Spectres or even a Tantalus. Meanwhile the Tyranid players are tapping into their Malenthrope reserves. That’s all well and good but I like what the Orks are bringing. There will be a Squiggoth somewhere at Warzone and I expect that player to make a lot of noise.


Faction Magnus Mortarion Guilliman
CSM 9 10
Space Marines 7
Chaos Daemons 5 3
Astra Militarum 1
Custodes 1

Did we mention there are going to be some Primarchs at this event? There will be 36 of them exactly. There’s a roughly even split between Magnus and Mortarion with Magnus just barely being taken more. Almost all the loyalist marines were Ultramarines but Guilliman if being taken significantly less than his traitor brethren. I wonder if the Guilliman Devastator spam is starting to fall by the wayside looking at these numbers. Props to the guy who is bringing the Lord of Macragge with Custodes though, that has a lot of potential to be a beautiful and thematic army.

Let us know what you think is the toughest list out there and definitely give a shout out to Dernicus if you see him this year! As always feel free to comment here, on Facebook, or email us at [email protected].

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