Field of Fire’s Doubles Tournament 2018

Doubles Tournament 2018

Pre-Game Process

  1. Once at your table, swap lists with your opponents and study what you’re up against.
  2. Place Objectives per mission rules
  3. Determine Deployment: Both teams roll off, rerolling any ties. The winner rolls a single die to determine the deployment type (p.216-217). Once the map is determined, the winner of the roll off chooses his/her deployment zone.
  4. Alternate deployment with each team placing a single unit at a time (not each player), starting with the team who did not choose their deployment zone.
  5. After both teamss have finished deploying their army, roll to determine first turn. The team who finished deploying first receives a +1 to this roll. The team that wins the roll can choose to go first or second.
  6. Deploy Infiltrators (“At Beginning of First Battle Round, before First Turn” style deployments)
  7. The team that is chosen to go second may now attempt to seize the initiative.
  8. Shake hands and start playing.


Playing on a Team:

  1. Each 1,000pt list (normally a single player) is considered a separate army.
  2. Each 1,000pt list gets its own Warlord, Warlord Traits, Command Points, etc.
  3. Abilities that would normally only affect models in a player’s own army cannot be used on their partner’s models (auras, psychic powers, stratagems, etc.) even if they share keywords.
  4. Psychic abilities, army specific abilities, and Stratagems are limited by PLAYER not by team.
  5. Command Points may not be shared and should be tracked separately by player. You may not gain command points from another player on your team.
  6. Your partner’s models do not count as enemy models (and should not be considered for example when considering the smite psychic power or targeting an enemy character).
  7. All objectives will be scored as a team.

NOTE: The following “Beta Rules” are in play:

  1. Character Targeting: An enemy Character with a Wounds characteristic of less than 10 can only be chosen as a target in the Shooting phase if it is both visible to the firing model and it is the closest enemy unit to the firing model. Ignore other enemy Characters with a Wounds characteristics of less than 10 when determining if the target is the closest enemy unit to the firing model.
  2. Psychic Focus: With the exception of Smite, each psychic power can be attempted only once per turn, rather than once per psyker per turn. In addition, subtract 1 from the result of any psychic test taken when attempting to manifest Smite for each other attempt (whether successful or not) that has been made to manifest Smite during this Psychic phase.

Players should take careful note that tabling your opponent does not automatically score maximum points for the mission. Concession also does not automatically award max points to the victor!

Primary & Secondary Mission Scoring

Primary Mission: End of Player Turn Scoring

Each team scores points at the end of their team turn.

  1. Do you hold one or more objectives?
    1. 1 point
  2. Was an enemy unit destroyed during your player turn?
    1. 1 point

Primary Mission: End of Battle Round Scoring

Each team also scores points at the end of each Battle Round.

  1. Do you hold more objectives than your opponent?
    1. 1 point
  2. Were more of your opponent’s units destroyed this battle round than your own?
    1. 1 point


Mission 1: Raid and Pillage

Deployment: Random

6 objectives placed as shown:

Pillage: If, at the end of any of your turns, you control an objective in your opponent’s deployment zone you may choose to raze it before scoring the primary objectives. When razing an objective, remove it from the board and score D3 victory points for your team.

Raid: Choose three units in your opponent’s army. You score a victory point for each of these units that are destroyed by the end of the battle.


Mission 2: Breach and Contain

Deployment: Random

4 objectives (+1 objective in the center of the board) placed as shown:

Breach: The objective in the center of the board is worth 1 extra point the first battle round it is held. It is worth an additional point per battle round for each consecutive battle round it is held. (Example: You capture the center objective on battle round 2. It is worth 1 bonus points. You also hold it at the end of battle round 3. It is worth 2 extra points that turn. Your opponent takes it at the end of battle round 4. They score only 1 point.)

Containment: Your team scores 1 point for every turn in which you have more units wholly within 7″ of a board edge than your opponents.


Mission 3: For Glory and…Death

Deployment: Random

4 objectives placed as shown:

For Glory: Score an additional 1 victory for each objective that you control and has a character within 3″ of the center of the objective.

Or a Glorious Death: Score one victory point for each enemy character that you have destroyed by the end of the battle.