Inaugural 8th ed/ATC-Prep Tournament Missions

Are you ready for the Inaugural 8th ed/ATC-Prep Tournament at Event Horizon? Since we can’t publish anything specific about the book missions, we’re just going to give you mission numbers and deployment numbers that go with them “whatever those happen to be on release day”. That way we don’t run afoul of GW’s legal team.

We don’t know exactly how yet but each game will have a total of 15 points possible (including any secondary objectives)!

Round 1: Eternal War Mission 2, Deployment 5

Round 2: Eternal War Mission 1, Deployment 3

Round 3: Eternal War Mission 5, Deployment 1

Painting will be worth 1 full game, so 15 points in addition.

Updates to come as we’re allowed to release more information.

Don’t do paperwork, play with your dice!