Nova Open Most Played Armies

The Warhammer 40,000 Nova Open tournament was last weekend and now we’ve got some results! Here are the most played armies this year:

Army Count
Eldar 30
Space Marines 21
Chaos Daemons 15
Tau Empire 11
Necrons 9
Adeptus Mechanicus 8
Chaos Space Marines 7
Dark Angels 7
Imperial Guard 6
Imperial Knights 6
Khorne Daemonkin 6
Space Wolves 5
Orks 3
Tyranids 3
Blood Angels 2
Sisters of Battle 2
Assassins 1
Dark Eldar 1
Skitarii 1

Oh would you look at that, Eldar takes the prize as the most played army at the Nova Open tournament. Unsurprisingly Space Marines are a close second with Daemons coming in third. Tau also had a good showing as the fourth most played codex. I say this every time but its still nice to see a splattering of Blood Angels, Orks, Guard, and Sisters of Battle going to the big tournaments.

This breakdown looks a lot like ATC and the other big tournaments with Eldar and Vanilla Marines leading the way. Clearly Tau and Necrons are in that first tier with Daemons and Adeptus Mechanicus probably at the top of being the next most played. Dark Angels, Guard, Imperial Knights, Space Wolves and Daemonkin look like they round out the middle of the pack leaving everyone else scraping at the bottom.

Now its worth noting Nova Open takes into account primary armies as well as allies. Here are the most played allied armies:

Army Count
Skitarii 5
Space Wolves 5
Space Marines 4
Eldar 2
Assassins 1
Chaos Daemons 1
Imperial Knights 1
Khorne Daemonkin 1
Necrons 1
Orks 1
Tau Empire 1
Tyranids 1

The way Nova categorizes War Convocation is Adeptus Mechanicus with Skitarii allies so that makes sense. I think the marine and space wolf alies are probably ignores cover white scars support or deathstar builds. Now here’s what makes no sense to me: why ally in Tyranids? They hate everyone, like a lot. Who did they ally with? They allied with Eldar. I don’t know why but the guy won half his games and came in about middle of the pack for position. Thats an interesting idea that I don’t think ITC would let you do but hey, take advantage of the rule set you have.

I’ll be putting out a Nova Open Results post with some analysis in the next week. After that I will probably post any strange or interesting finds in the data after I have some time to look through it.


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