Product Review: RMC Gaming Paint Pot Holder

How many times have you been going along, painting like a fiend, and the worst happens? The dreaded wash pot spill. Everyone has had it happen. If you say it hasn’t happened, you’re clearly a heretic and should report to the closest Chaplain. For the rest of us mortals, this is a constant danger no matter how we try. Well, our friends over at RMC Gaming have come up with an ingenious (and stylish) solution. Their 3D printed Paint Pot Holder! Dernicus was able to get ahold of one and can’t get enough of it.

So What’s it Do?

With this little device you’ll keep your workspace from becoming the next Exxon-Valdez (and cost less even with GW prices). The Holder is specially fitted to contain GW brand paint pots, both the tall and standard sized. You can even use the RMC Holder to keep small bits while building.The wide base helps keep the pot stable from casual impacts or when you suddenly feel the need to drum along that rocking track that came on your playlist. One could use the ridges along the rim to prop paint brushes when not holding paint pots. Lastly, as you can see, it also features a mechanical look along the outside to fit with any wargamers collection when not in use.

It’s simple, durable, it looks cool, and it wont break the bank. I can’t praise this little hobby addition enough. All this from the same studio cranking out amazing 40k props from Bolters (win one at NOVA!) to Custode Guardian Spears, to functional Predator masks! Check them out and give’em a follow, and of course hit them up for one (or more) of your own Paint Pot Holders. Don’t forget to tell’em Field Of Fire Gaming sent ya! Until next time, the (Four Armed) Emperor Protects (your washes, because he uses an RMC Paint Pot Holder!)