Announcing the Southern Tournament Circuit!

Field of Fire is pleased to announce the beginning of the Southern Tournament Circuit or STC for short!

What is STC?

Starting with our first tournament, the Vegas Crusade, we will be tracking the scores of every one of our players from one tournament to the next. Think of it like a more local ITC with a leader board, rankings, and eventually an invitational tournament at the end of the year. We hope to connect with other local Tournament Organizers and get scores from all over the south east!

How Will You Use the Scores?

We’ll be using the scores for a number of things. First, we will be using STC rankings and scores to create two tiers for first round pairings at all of our tournaments going forward. If you are in the top 50% of STC ranked players your first round pairing will be randomized from players in the top tier. If you are in the bottom 50% you will play someone from that tier in the first round. This ensures that our competitive players get to practice and player other competitive lists throughout the tournament when prepping for major events. It also means that if you are a newer or more fluffy player, you’re more likely to play someone that shares that interest in the hobby.

The second way we’ll be using STC scores is for our Field of Fire Southern Tournament Circuit Invitational at the end of the season. We’ll have more information about this as the season progresses. Right now we believe we’ll be inviting the top 16 players to a sudden elimination tournament that will bring together some of the best local players in competitive 40k.

Finally, STC scores will be tracked throughout the year on our leader boards for bragging rights. We know our community loves to trash talk and point to their trophy collection. The Southern Tournament Circuit leader boards will be another way for players to show some pride in their achievements and let their friends know who wrecked face at the most recent tournament.

How Will the Score be Calculated?

We’re going to keep it simple. Your STC score will be the cumulative amount of points you win at STC events. Field of Fire tournaments are always scored out of 100 points possible. Out of those points, 75 are from battle points, and 25 are from hobby and painting. As STC grows and includes more than just Field of Fire events, we’ll be converting those event’s scoring into a 100 point scale. This should mean STC events will be scored on percentage of points possible if other events don’t follow our scoring rubric.

As the season progresses, we’re going to be getting more community input. We are currently considering adding bonus points to STC scores for specific awards like best painted, best general, and best overall. It’s also possible we’ll be adding some bonus points for consistently bringing a fully painted army to events. If you have other ideas for what should be considered in the Southern Tournament Circuit score, feel free to let us know at an event or email us at [email protected].

What Events Qualify?

Every Field of Fire Gaming event will award points for the STC. Other tournaments in the Southern Tournament Circuit can also submit scores to Field of Fire. Ask your local TO or event organizer to contact us and we can get them all set up. We’ll need their score sheet and for them to track the factions used by each player.

Where Can I find the Scores?

They can be found right here on on our leader boards!

I Still Have Questions!

Then contact us! Message us on Facebook, comment on the post, email us at [email protected], or you can always ask us questions at events.