Vegas Crusade – Mission Pack (1/20/18)

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Vegas Crusade – Mission Packet


Never tell me the odds! Welcome to the first Field of Fire Gaming tournaments for the 2018 Season. With the upcoming ITC GT: LVO, we’re kicking things off at full speed. Below you will find the missions taken from the ITC Championship packet. Each mission consists of a Primary Objective (scored Progressively), and unique Secondary Objectives. Objectives tokens are fixed as indicated.


Pre-Game Procedure:

  1. Exchange lists with Opponents
  2. Place Mission Objectives (see mission for locations)
  3. Choose/Roll Warlord Traits, Psychic Powers, etc
  4. Roll off to determine Deployment: Winner rolls for standard deployment type (p.216-217); The loser choses deployment zone
  5. The player who rolled for deployment deploys the first unit; Alternate deploying units until both armies are deployed. The player who finishes deployment first gains +1 to determine first turn.
  6. Roll for First Turn.
  7. Deploy Infiltrators (“At Beginning of First Battle Round, before First Turn” style deployments)
  8. Roll Seize the Initiative
  9. Shake hands and have fun!

Per most recent FAQ, Command Re-Roll may NOT be used for any of these rolls.


NOTE: The following “Beta Rules” are in play:

  1. Character Targeting: An enemy Character with a Wounds characteristic of less than 10 can only be chosen as a target in the Shooting phase if it is both visible to the firing model and it is the closest enemy unit to the firing model. Ignore other enemy Characters with a Wounds characteristics of less than 10 when determining if the target is the closest enemy unit to the firing model.
  2. Psychic Focus: With the exception of Smite, each psychic power can be attempted only once per turn, rather than once per psyker per turn. In addition, subtract 1 from the result of any psychic test taken when attempting to manifest Smite for each other attempt (whether successful or not) that has been made to manifest Smite during this Psychic phase.

Players should take careful note that tabling your opponent does not automatically score maximum points for the mission. Concession also does not automatically award max points to the victor!

Primary & Secondary Mission Scoring

Primary Mission: End of Player Turn Scoring

Each player scores points at the end of their player turn.

  1. Do you hold one or more objectives?
    1. 1 point
  2. Was an enemy unit destroyed during your player turn?
    1. 1 point

Primary Mission: End of Battle Round Scoring

Each Player also scores points at the end of each Battle Round.

  1. Do you hold more objectives than your opponent?
    1. 1 point
  2. Were more of your opponent’s units destroyed this battle round than your own?
    1. 1 point



Mission 1: Seize Ground (Scenario 1)


Deployment: Random

6 objectives placed as shown:

Seize Ground Bonus Point: If a player holds or contests 5 or more objectives at the end of their player turn, gain 1 point.

Secondary Missions: Any Time Scoring

Old School: Earn 1 point for the following:

  • First Strike: An enemy unit is destroyed in the first Battle Round.
  • Slay the Warlord: The enemy Warlord is destroyed at game’s end.
  • Linebreaker: Have one of your models within your opponent’s deployment zone at the end of the game.
  • Last Strike: An enemy unit is destroyed in the last Battle Round played.

Big Game Hunter: 1 point for every enemy model with 10 or more wounds that is destroyed.

Kingslayer: Choose an enemy model that is a Character.

  •       Earn 1 point for every 2 wounds of damage it loses, cumulatively.
  •       In the instance where a Character may regenerate wounds or resurrect  during the course of the game, total wounds it loses over the course of the game are counted towards this mission.
  •       If the model selected has the Character and Vehicle or Monster keywords, you earn 1 point for every 4 wounds it loses.
  •       If the Character is also your opponent’s Warlord, earn 1 additional point if it is destroyed.
  •       An enemy Character selected for Kingslayer may not also generate points for Titan Slayers.


Mission 2: Nexus Control (Scenario 3)

Deployment: Random

4 objectives placed as shown:

Nexus Control Bonus Point: If a player holds all four objectives at the end of their player turn, they score 1 point.

Secondary Missions: Any Time Scoring

Recon: Have a unit at least partially in each table quarter at the end of your player turn. A unit may only count as being in one table quarter at a time for the purposes of this rule. 1pt per turn.

Headhunter: 1pt for each enemy Character that is destroyed.

The Reaper: Earn a point for every enemy unit that is destroyed that began the game with 10+ models. If a unit begins the game with 20+ models, you earn 2 points if it is destroyed.


Mission 3: Precious Cargo (Scenario 6)

Deployment: Random

4 objectives placed as shown:

Precious Cargo Bonus Point

: Before the game begins, each player chooses a separate objective–their Priority Objective–to defend starting with the player that chose their deployment zone first. After deployment zones have been determined but before deployment, each player may move their Priority Objective in any direction up to 6” from its original position so long as it is more than 6” from a table edge and 12” from another objective.

If a player holds their opponent’s Priority Objective at the end of their player turn, score 1 point.

Secondary Missions: Any Time Scoring

Titan Slayers: For every 8 wounds lost by enemy units with the Titanic keyword in total throughout the course of the game, earn 1 point.

  •       A model chosen for Kingslayer may not also generate points for Titan Slayers, even if that model has the Titanic keyword.

Example: One enemy Titanic model loses 4 wounds turn 1, and a different enemy Titanic unit loses 12 wounds turn 2 for a total of 16 wounds lost in total to enemy Titanic models. You earn 2pts towards this objective.

Behind Enemy Lines: 1 point if at the end of your player turn you have 2 or more of your units at least partially within 12” of your opponent’s rear most and longest board edge.

Death by a Thousand Cuts: Earn 1 point for every 3 enemy units destroyed in a Battle Round.

Example: 5 enemy units are destroyed in the first Battle Round, you earn 1pt towards this mission. In the second Battle Round, 7 enemy units are destroyed and you earn 2 pts towards this objective.

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