Binaric Showdown – Random Rule: Glitch


At the beginning of the game roll a die. On 3+ this rule goes into effect.

Glitch: Immediately after placing all objective markers, scatter each objective marker that is not the relic. Do this by picking an objective marker and rolling both the scatter die and a D6. Move the objective marker in the direction of the scatter die as many inches as was rolled on the D6. Repeat for each objective that is not the relic.

*Note: Per normal objective placement rules no objectives should be within 6 inches of a board edge. Further no objective marker should be within 12 inches of another objective. If for some reason the Glitch rule would take an objective off the table, move the objective until it reaches the table edge and then stop. In addition, if the glitch rule would cause an objective to come within 6 inches of another objective, simply move the “Glitched” objective until it comes within 6 inches of the other objective and then stop.


Don’t do paperwork, play with your dice!