Road to Nova Open – Event Horizon Games

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Here are the results of the Road to Nova Open tournament held at Event Horizon Games! Richard and crew have posted the results here but I’m going to do a little bit more analysis. I know there were some new players and I hope they got to have some fun while experiencing a taste of tournament play.

Here are the best armies from this tournament:

Army Average ITC Points
Renegades 113.88
Daemons 95.08
Tau 86.72
Daemonkin 84.63
Space Marines 72.615
Harlequins 67.91
Imperial Knights 62.69
Grey Knights 60.6
Skitarii 59.03
Eldar 31.34
Astra Militarum 31.34
Chaos Space Marines 31.34

While Renegades aren’t exactly the Imperial Guard, its nice to see regular humans doing well. Another surprise was that Eldar weren’t overly played and didn’t crush everyone this tournament. I don’t know if that’s because of Nova’s rule set or if the normal Eldar players thought they’d try something different but its good to see some diversity in what is on the tabletop.

Event Horizon Games holds tournaments just about every other month and will be hosting a Grand Tournament this October. You can find more details here.

I’m going to start keeping a running tab of any tournament results I can get my hands on from the NC area. Hopefully that will start to give some insight into what the local meta is and what you can expect to see at local tournaments. Feel free to email me any results you have access to if you don’t see the results already posted!