Two Hands Past: an Introduction

Welcome to our newest series, by yours truly, the Gentlemen Genestealer… I mean, totally regular Imperial God-Emperor-Worshiping Citizen, Dernicus.

As some of you savvy wargamers may, or may not be aware of, the newest Codex to be released is none other than Codex: Genestealers. The insidious cults that have infiltrated every layer of any number of Imperial worlds. Laying in wait, moving among the shadows, waiting for the Day of Ascension. That time has come! I’ve been a fan of the Genestealer Cult faction since the 7th edition Codex and now that it’s been updated I felt this would be a good starting point to document my journey in the hobby.

In the past

In several of our After Action Reports, I’ve taken the Cult to war from RTTs to GTs. While it was an Index army, it has been a struggle to compete with full Codex armies. Others in the community took Genestealer Cult detachments to either Tyranids or Guard armies; using unites like Purestrains and Aberrants. This made sense, as until the FAQ2, Cult Ambush was the only way to deepstrike turn 1. As I’d never held a sizable army of either of those factions, my efforts were always to use GSC as Primary and at times adding Guard as support. Even still, I eventually cycled the army out for others I played, only bringing out the Cult here or there. But no longer!

Going forward

My hopes, beyond being a personal motivator to keep my hobby progress rolling, is to guide you all along a journey with my Genestealer Cult. I’ll include weekly (ideally) updates of my thoughts and musing on the codex, it’s new units, combos, stratagems, and pitfalls. As I continue to build, convert, and paint my forces, I plan to upload photos here (as well as more frequently to our Instagram account @fieldoffiregaming ). Finally, expect pre and post-action tournament breakdowns as I bring the fury of the Cult against my foes in tournaments and other battles. Be it Carolina Crusade , ATC2019, NOVA, to RTTs at Beats Labs Gaming, Hobby Town, Warp Charged Gaming, and all points in between. I intend this to be an all encompassing series, where my skills improve, but at the same time, I can impart those lessons to you all.

So take a seat, grab a cup of tea for each of your totally not more than 2 hands, and let me show you the way.