Hands Past Two: Where We Begin(Inventory!)

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Oh, hello there fellow totally-two-armed citizens! Dernicus, your gentleman genestealer here with another installment of Hands Past Two. For today’s post I felt it was good to look at the beginning, as seems an appropriate starting point! This will be two-fold: first I’ll go over what models I have at my disposal at the time of this article (be they still on sprue, built but not painted, or fully finished); next, I’ll briefly mention my record using GSC as an Index army thus far in 8th edition. These two points will be the basis for future hobby and list building efforts moving forward. Without further adieu, what do I have and what have I done with it thus far?

The Haves

I’ve been collecting GSC between multiple Space Hulks, every vs box, and a healthy(ha!) dose of FOMO ever since the 7th edition codex (Sept 2016). In that time, this is what I’ve acquired:


Primus (1 built/Painted, 1 converted/painted, 1 NoS)

Magus (2 built/painted, 1 converted/painted, 2 NoS)

Abominant (1 built/painted, 1 converted, 1 NoS)

Iconward (1 built/painted)

Patriarch (2 built/painted, 1 converted/painted, 2 built, 2 NoS)…. ok, I have a problem, I know…

Familiars (5 built/converted, 1 built/painted)


Acolyte Hybrids (84 built/converted, 29 painted)

-54 regular pistol/rending claw/cultist knife

-4 Banners

-1 leader w/Bonesword

-10 hand flamers

-7 Heavy Rock Saws

-6 Heavy Rock Cutters

-1 Heavy Mining Drill

-1 Demo Charge


Neophytes (70 built, 51 painted)

-35 regular auto-gun

-16 shotgun

-12 grenade launchers

-6 mining lasers

-3 flamers

-1 heavy stubber

-2 seismic cannons

-4 banners (3 autogun, 1 shotgun)

~20 NoS/unbuilt

Brood Brothers (100 built/painted infantry models at my disposal)



Purestrain Genestealers (64 built, 45 painted)


Aberrants (23 built, 23 painted)

-11 Picks

-8 Hammers

-4 Improvised Weapons


Clamavaus (1 converted)

Kelermorph (2 converted)

Locus (1 converted)

Nexos (1 converted)


Fast Attack

Cult Scout Sentinel (3 converted, 3 painted)


Heavy Support

Cult Leman Russ (2 built/fully magnetized, 2 painted)


Rockgrinder (1 built, 1 painted)


Brood Brothers Heavy Weapons Team (Mortars) (12 built, 9 painted)


Dedicated Transports

Goliath Truck (2 converted/built, 2 painted, 1 NoS)


And that’s that.  I have a number of orders still on the way (one of each of the new characters, a couple boxes of Atalan Jackals, the Tectonic Frag Drill, and of course, the Codex itself!). I’m already working to expand my Acolytes further as they seem to be the early winners this go around. I’m also excited to play more with all of the new characters and their shiny new abilities and combos. Speaking of which, let’s look at what I’ve done with this menagerie in the past.

The Road to Here

In 2018 I played GSC at two* GTs (Adepticon and Barnyard Brawl 1; ATC 2017 I played the army to an even 3-3 record as well), as well as half a dozen RTTs. None of the events saw a particularly good record, though I was able to pull out 2-1’s here and there. The GTs saw mixed results, Adepticon being 2-2, Barnyard 1-4. I used most of the tricks available in the Index and Chapter Approved, even getting in an RTT with the Vigilius detachments back in December. All and all, the potential was there, but sometimes the dice just didn’t fall as expected, or the matchups were in favor of my opponents. Without stratagem/cult creeds and with the points costs as set the army was missing some pieces for me to make it work. But no longer. I’ve already played a test game vs guard and the initial concepts seems sound. I’m excited to play more, read what you all have done, and spurn the Uprising further.

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