What Factions Will You See at ATC?

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The American Team Championship is just around the corner and lists are out! What factions will you see at ATC? We have a breakdown of how many players have submitted lists for each faction. While definitely not the official list, here is a quick breakdown of what we counted.

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Faction Players
SM 33
Astra Militarum 29
Ynnari 21
Daemons 18
CSM 17
Orks 16
Tau 15
Blood Angels 14
Necrons 14
Tyranids 14
Imperial Knights 12
Aeldari 11
Grey Knights 11
Ad Mech 9
Dark Angels 8
Drukhari 7
Renegade Knights 7
Space Wolves 7
Genestealer Cults 5
Thousand Sons 5
Harlequins 3
Death Guard 2
Sisters of Battle 2
Adeptus Custodes 2
Death Watch 2
Officio Assassinorum 1


Well that’s a lot of Space Marines, Guard, Eldar, and Daemons. If you were hoping to avoid Daemons or soulbursting Eldar this edition you’ll be disappointed. However I am glad to see the Imperial Guard make a better showing this year. And as to be expected it looks like quite a few players dusted off those old Ork models they have laying around. Knights, both heretics and loyalists, also seem to be quite popular this year although I don’t think we saw any double knight teams at least.

There’s a solid 57 teams or so this year. That means a total of 285 players. It’s going to be a big, exciting tournament this year. Good Luck!

NOTE: We are not talking about the specifics of any list out of respect for Team America who will be competing in ETC.

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