ATC Prep Tournament Results!

Here are the ATC Prep Tournament Results! Dernicus (Dean) and I tried to run a day one tournament in 8th edition and overall it went pretty well. Congratulations to Joe for winning best overall, although he tied with Richard and it came down to strength of schedule. Tim won most Battle Points and Preston won Best Painted with his Adeptus Mechanicus (Officiated by Dark Bunny Creatives‘s Val).

We’ve broken down the numbers by army (faction now?) and here’s how they did:

Grey Knights 33
Tyrannids 33
Knights/Space Maines 32
Harlequins 30
AdMech 28.33333333
Space Wolves 24.66666667
Imperial Guard 23.5
Eldar 18
Necrons 17.66666667
Orks 15
Space Marines 10
Tau 8


You’ll notice Joe’s Grey Knights at the top along with Richard’s Tyranids. After that though, the breakdown wasn’t quite what I was expecting. I really thought Necrons, Orks, and the always frustrating Eldar would be at the top. I was happy to see Imperial Guard in the middle of the pack as well as Harlequins pushing towards the top. Another surprise, at least to me, was how well a three Knights list did. Honestly with all the multiple damage weapons being thrown around, I thought they’d go down before getting their points back. Overall I think we’re seeing everyone try to get a feel for their new rules. This is only day one but I think the meta is definitely going to start to skew.

Here’s the count on how many players of each army attended:

Army Count
AdMech 3
Space Wolves 3
Necrons 3
Imperial Guard 2
Space Marines 2
Grey Knights 1
Tyrannids 1
Knights/Space Maines 1
Harlequins 1
Eldar 1
Orks 1
Tau 1


Some old favorites are in there for sure. The real surprise for me was the number of Admech players. Tim’s Admech won the most Battle Points and Preston’s Admech won Best Painted. I didn’t see a lot in their index until I saw what Kastellan Robots could do. I had been riding high on how Baneblades actually do their job now but I watched many tanks fall to the guns of the Mechanicum. Space Wolves were another favorite although they were a bit more hit and miss. We’ll see how marines do as more faction specific rules come out but right now I think they all really need a boost or a new way to play them.

We’ll be trying to post results from all the tournaments in the area if we can get our hands on them. If you’re running a tournament in your store, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to post the results. Our ultimate goal is to keep a running tally of what armies are doing well and which could use a boost in our local meta here in NC.

Our next tournament is August 5th at Event Horizon Games in Garner NC. Hope to see you guys there!

Let us know if you have any suggestions or comments for future tournaments.

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