Best Armies at the Open Fire! Tournament

Last Saturday Dernicus and I spent the day with a great group of guys at Event Horizon Games! We (and I mean mostly Dernicus) ran one of our more competitive focused tournaments with the mission pack found here. It was a fun and mostly smooth running tournament. Now are you ready to see the best armies at the Open Fire! Tournament?

Chaos Daemons 47.66666667
Eldar 37
Tau 35
Harlequins 33
Chaos Marines 32
Astra Militarum 31
Sisters of Battle 30
Space Marines 29.5
Custodes 26
Genestealers 21
Necrons 20.5
Adeptus Mechanicus 9

As you can see, Daemons had a strong showing. There were only a possible 75 battle points available to score. We had several Aetaos’rau’keres on the table, that I’m going to start calling “Big Bird” because that’s unpronounceable. Between Malefic Lords, Horrors, and Forgeworld characters, Chaos Daemons proved to be a challenge to almost every army.

There don’t appear to be many other surprises so far except that Tau and Eldar moved up a little higher than usual. Space Marines didn’t make it into the top tier at this event however the builds we saw were more creative than Guilliman and Devastator spams so I appreciate people trying something a bit different. There were also two Sisters players at this event who have proven not only are Sisters playable, they can be a serious threat.

This weekend saw the release of both the Death Guard and the Adeptus Mechanicus  codexes so I’m sure we’ll see yet another shift in the meta. I can’t wait to see how both armies perform with their new stratagems and rules.

As we get used to this edition, we hope to start tracking scores in a more consistent way. We’ll be pushing forward with developing our own standard rules packet that will hopefully continue to provide balanced missions and scoring that make sense for everybody. We’re also considering implementing a tier system for first round pairings so players new to the tournament scene aren’t randomly paired with last tournament’s champion. Keep a look out for our next tournament on October 21st!

Let us know if you found this data helpful or have any opinions of your own!