Best Armies at The Invasion of Khybros Tournament

We’ve got new results from our second 8th Edition tournament last week at Event Horizon Games! This tournament was a more “narrative” event that allowed us to experiment with some of the new rules and mechanics introduced in 8th Edition. TWe’re still working out the kinks for 8th Edition but overall I think it was a pretty fun tournament. If you want to see the meta at other events check out our article on the best armies at ATC and BAO. Now here’s the best armies at The Invasion of Kybros Tournament!

Faction Battle Points Player Count
Daemons 50 2
Chaos Marines 49 1
Eldar 37 1
Harlequin 37 2
Tau 37 1
Orks 28 1
Tyranids 28 2
Guard 26 2
AdMech 23 3
Necrons 19 1
Deathwatch 6.5 2

The Invasion of Khybros Tournament consisted of three rounds with a total of 20 points possible in each round. That means a perfect score would have been 60 Battle Points. While no one scored max points, the best player did score 59 out of 60!

Starting at the top of the board, the Daemons are still right up there at number one. While I know there have been some nerfs to Brimstones I still haven’t seen the answer to them yet. The close cousins of the Daemons, Chaos Space Marines, also did quite well. The release of their codex along with support from Forgeworld will really continue to help them in my opinion. Having a psychic power that turns off invulnerable saves never hurt anyone either. The old favorites of Eldar, Harlequins, and Tau are also on the higher end of the list.

On the lower end of the spectrum we’ve seen some of the same factions. Deathwatch, while really cool in concept, seem to have struggled overall this edition. Necrons and AdMech have also consistently been in the lower tiers at tournaments so far. It’s possible we’ll see a change when their codexes come out. All it takes is one really good rule set or formation like WarCon to change a whole army. Dernicus is our local AdMech player and will be trying out an Assassin and Castellan force this weekend at Horton’s “Battle of The Empire 2” at Atomic Empire. We’ll let you know if he can push AdMech to a higher tier.

In the middle bracket we’re looking at Orks, Tyranids, and Guard. Personally I expect the Imperial Guard will get a bump as players start to experiment with some of their new Forgeworld toys. Orks and Tyranids though are in a bit of a strange place this edition. While they are definitely playable in a competitive setting now, they haven’t been able to push into the top tiers yet. I’ve said it before but I expected Orks and Tyranids to horde up and be very difficult to deal with this edition but I haven’t seen that play out yet. I really enjoy seeing both armies on the table and although I’ve said it before, I do hope they get a bump when their codexes drop.

Don’t forget our next tournament is September 16th at Event Horizon and we will be using a more competitive format. As an added bonus both me and Dernicus will be there for this one, hope to see you there!