ATC: Most Played Armies

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Final lists have been submitted and here’s what will be the most played armies at ATC 2016:

Eldar 32
Chaos Daemons 32
Space Marines 28
Tau 28
Adeptus Mechanicus 17
Space Wolves 17
Dark Angels 15
Necrons 13
Imperial Knights 13
Chaos Marines 10
Astra Militarum 10
Tyranids 7
Blood Angels 4
Orks 4
Grey Knights 2
Dark Eldar 2
Adepta Soroitas 1

Yeah that’s a lot of Eldar and Daemons, who would have thought right? I will say though, I’m pretty sure every codex/faction is going to have some representation. Even everybody’s favorite “nuns with guns” might get a little love this year.

On a different note, I’m a little surprised to see so many Tau players. I know they’re good and have formations galore but hit them with an assaulting death star or a good alpha strike and they’re toast right? Then again I could just have some bias there as the fish people were my very first army. Another observation looking at the list is that there only 17 Adeptus Mechanicus players. I though War Convocation would be everywhere as our local meta is dominated by several versions of that special monster of a formation. Check back in and I’ll let you know who comes out on top soon.

Good Luck!

Here’s what we thought to bring for our Lists.

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    […] Adeptus Mechanicus – Let me sum it up with this, War Convocation. Yeah its pretty good. The winning team used one ruthlessly and its a great “take all comers list”. Now our Ad Mech player was disappointed in his performance but we threw him out for the first match up every round. He scored points of everything from screamer stars to Tau Forgeworld Riptides so I’m quite impressed. I did call out how comparatively few Adeptus Mechanicus players there were in our ATC: Most Played Armies post. […]