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Two Hands Past: Potential (4)

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Welcome burgeoning cultis… I mean, totally normal two armed (or more) citizens of the Imperium. Dernicus back with yet another installment of Two Hands Past. This go around we’ll be discussing the Cult’s... READ MORE

Two Hands Past: The Roadmap (3)

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Welcome back fellow two(or more) armed Imperial Citizens, to yet another installment of Two Hands Past. In this chapter we’ll take a look at where my Cult seeks to spread its insidious, I... READ MORE

Two Hands Past: an Introduction

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Welcome to our newest series, by yours truly, the Gentlemen Genestealer… I mean, totally regular Imperial God-Emperor-Worshiping Citizen, Dernicus. As some of you savvy wargamers may, or may not be aware of, the... READ MORE

ATC: The Lists

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Final lists are in! Here we go: Dean is our resident War Convocation player, with a twist. To counter Skyhammer and other alpha strikes or first turn assaults Dean is bringing Coteaz in a unit of grav-destroyers. He also has … Continued

ATC: Team Building Theory

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Alright a coherent team is coming together but before I post the lists here is what we’ve learned since last time. Missions: Every mission has 10 points of kill points, 10 points of holding objectives at the beginning of each of … Continued

ATC: First Steps

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This year the Field of Fire Gaming crew decided to get together and try out one of the bigger tournaments on the east coast, the American Team Championship. The tournament is a little different than the average Grand Tournament because, … Continued